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Coaching or Counseling?



You might ask, how is coaching different than mentoring or counseling? Whereas mentors give wise advice based on their own experience, coaches help you fully draw from the well of your own insight and ability. Often the biggest obstacle to our dreams isn’t knowing what to do: it’s having the confidence to do it! Coaches have mastered the art of believing in people instead of telling them what to do.


And where a counselor’s goal is to move hurting people toward wholeness, coaches help people who are basically whole maximize their lives. Counseling focuses on the past, but coaching focuses on the future.




Coaching vs. Counseling



Over and over, people who work with a great life coach find they can reach higher and accomplish more by living out of Christ’s life than they ever thought they could on their own.


What others say about coaching

"I found it a wonderful and “freeing” thing in a strange way to be held accountable week by week, month by month to those goals, dreams and ideals I want to live up to. My coach is a great encourager. I always looked forward to our life-coaching sessions, and always came away feeling more motivated and encouraged by the progress to date. "


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