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“Attending the ADT has been one of the most spiritually significant experiences of my life.  Through the Biblical truths taught in the course, I have learned how to grieve my wounds and allow Christ’s Life to heal my heart.  I can now be who I was created to be without any shame."

Live Out of Abundance

The purpose of Advanced Discipleship Training I and II is to provide a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of The Exchanged Life through teaching a believer’s identification in Christ, learning how to build biblically healthy relationships based upon a believer’s identification in Christ and how a believer can effectively share his or her identification in Christ with others.


ADT I consists of providing a believer with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding along with a practical experience of The Exchanged Life.


ADT II follows the ADT I program and trains believers in a how to effectively share their identification in Christ with others through discipleship mentoring, coaching, and/or pastoral counseling.


Completing ADT I and ADT II training does not in itself qualify or certify a believer to be a "Christian Counselor". It should, however, prepare a believer to lead themselves and others to appropriate their identification with Christ and to apply that truth to specific areas of life (especially in the area of their marriage and family relationships).


“God used this class to show me who I truly am in Christ. I now know that I am loved no matter what I do. It also taught me how to forgive and how to accept people even when they do not accept you.”

Philosophy of Education

The ADT program consists of lectures, required and recommended reading, video and audiotapes, CDs, unit exams, and a paper expressing the students personal growth and experience of the exchanged life. Students will be asked to complete monthly reports reflecting their progress through the material and to participate in a limited number supervision sessions with a staff counselor.


Much of the learning occurs at CFT incidentally; that is, through interacting with the staff and fellow students and participation during check out time. Students will not be monitored as in a “school” setting, although there are definite expectations. No one will be looking over a student’s shoulder to insure that they complete their work. We trust that each student has the grace to carry out their program of learning.


We believe it is necessary to correlate scripture work and reading with the practical experience of dialogue and supervision. In addition, you may need to work through some issues in your own life as the training progresses.


For more information contact:
Mark Fields at 770-502-8050 or through our online contact form.


Continuing Education Credits

Luther Rice Seminary will give 3 hours credit towards their Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree for those who complete all ADT course requirements.

What Others Have Said

“It's hard to briefly sum up what my experience in the ADT has meant to my life but if I could, it would be one word - FREEDOM! I have come to grow in, rest in, and understand the freedom that is mine in Christ!”

“The ministry of Christian Families Today has truly brought to light in my life that God has a plan and my life can be lived with passion and enthusiasm. Life in Christ is a beautiful journey.”

"My reflections on ADT now…..3 years later… still…A HUGE INCREDIBLE AWESOME… WOW!!! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!"

“Jesus said, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’ and freedom in Christ took on new meaning when I completed the ADT through Christian Families Today. If you want to truly experience the life of Christ in your daily walk and if you long to live out of your true identity in Christ, immerse yourself in discipleship training through CFT. You’ll never be the same again and you’ll be forever grateful.”

“Through the ADT, God helped me open up more and reminded me that my worth doesn’t come from how well I do or don’t do.”

"I just wanted to write you guys and thank you for all you did for me during our counseling classes last year. I still find myself thinking about class on Tuesday night and missing it and you guys. The Lord has done so much in my life these past few months, and I feel like the truths I learned in class have really "clicked" or a least are becoming more real in my life every day. I constantly find myself noticing lies from the enemy and rights I have held on to that need to be surrendered. It was such an incredible blessing to be able to go through the class and learn what I did at 22 years old. My life has truly been changed by the Truth. I am overflowing with the joy of the Lord! Thank you for the time, love, prayer, and devotionals. I am so grateful for each of you and just wanted you to know that understanding Christ as my life has changed me remarkably!"

"My ADT experience is like no other experience in my life of close to fifty years. When God is allowed to be God in us and in others is when we witness real miracles. At Christians Families Today the Holy Spirit is invited to come and remain, to minister in and through all He pleases. Bathed in prayer this ministry reaches out to touch God's creation and lives are changed."

"ADT was an instrument of God in my life. He used the dedicated, wonderful, genuine, rock-solid, spirit-filled CFT staff to take me through all the weeks and months of this powerful teaching. I am still being changed from glory to glory as I allow Christ to live His life in me….and through me."

"ADT was the most intense in-depth Bible study I have ever experienced, and I loved it!!! I loved it when I was tired and I loved it when I was confused and I loved it even when I was completely overwhelmed!!!"

"ADT for me has been a wonderful journey of discovery. I have discovered my true identity in Christ. God bless this ministry mightily!!!"

"ADT is an experience I would recommend to anyone. It has been the beginning of a wonderful growing journey that has at times been painful, but a 'good hurt'". 


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