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Q: What is the cost of the CFT Recovery Program?

The cost of the program is $240.00 which includes:

  • 15 weekly sessions (at $36 per weekly group meeting equals a $500 value).
  • 200 page program guide and notebook ($25 value).
  • 2 individual sessions with the course instructor ($190 value)
  • One Day at a Time devotional book by Neil Anderson and Mike and Julia Quarles ($12.50 value).
  • Registration fee for one person to attend CFT’s Grow In Grace seminar ($75 value).


Q: Can I be a part of the CFT Recovery Program if I am currently using drugs or alcohol?

Because drugs and alcohol hinder a person’s reasoning ability, attendees commit to attend the weekly meetings free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. It is best for those who participate in our program to be currently free from using drugs or alcohol. If you have further questions concerning this issue please contact the CFT Recovery Program Director.

Q: Can I get individual help for my addiction?

CFT offers personal one-on-one discipleship counseling for those struggling with addictions. The cost of individual counseling is based on a suggested donation rate. Please see our counseling page from more information.

Q: How is your program different from other addiction recovery programs?

Our program focuses on the fact that belief drives behavior. For this reason we focus less on the addictive behavior and more on what believers believe. In other words, abusive drinking and/or drugging are not the believer’s main problems. Rather, their main problems are their doubts, disbeliefs, deceptions and/or lies they have believed about God, themselves and others. Their false beliefs motivate them to habitually abuse drugs and alcohol.


Jesus stated that if we believe in Him and continue living by His Spirit, we will know the truth, and the truth will make us free. This is why CFT’s program does not primarily focus on a list of methods, principles, step or behaviors, but on the person of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us and to us. We believe that it is Jesus Christ alone and not a performance based religious program or formula that will set one free from being slaves to sin and addictions. (Romans 8:24-25, John 8:36)

Q: Why is your program 15 weeks long?

Fifteen weeks is not a magic number, but rather it is a good introduction into a new belief system. This new belief system must be owned and believed by believers moment- by- moment, day by day the rest of their lives on earth in order for them to walk in the freedom that Christ has gifted them.

The apostle Paul said that experiencing this kind of transformation takes place through the, “renewing” of one’s mind. He states in Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”


Spending fourteen weeks together gives those struggling with addiction a good introduction into having a correct concept of God and understanding their identity in Christ. As false concepts about God and false beliefs about themselves begin to be rooted out, the believer begins to understand how to experience Christ’s victory over their addiction. For most, this begins the deliberate process of transformation enabling those who struggle with addiction to break their bondage or addiction to alcohol and drugs. For others, it gives them immediate victory over their drug and alcohol addictions.

For those believers who wish to continue to grow in the truths they begin to learn in the 15 week program, CFT offers additional programs to continue their growth. Please contact the CFT Recovery Program Director for more information about these opportunities.

Q: With which church or denomination are you involved?

Christian Families Today is an inter-denominational Christian ministry operating under the authority of a Christian board of directors. CFT is not affiliated with any religious denomination or church. We believe strongly in the authority of the local “Christian” church, and we exist to guide men and women in knowing Jesus as Lord, and understanding their identity and freedom in Christ. We believe as they grow in these truths, they will display their life and light in Christ within their local Christian congregation, with their neighbors and the world.

Q: Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?

CFT’s Recovery Program Director: Greg Cleland

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